Barreca & La Varra is an architecture firm, founded in 2008 by Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra in Milan, Italy.


Today Barreca & La Varra is in charge of the design development and construction of several projects started as Boeri Studio, architecture firm they founded in 1999 with Stefano Boeri, among which: Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) for Hines in Milan; the Centre Regionale de la Mediterranee for the region PACA in Marseille; the renovation of the Maggiore Policlinico Hospital in Milan.

At the same time Barreca & La Varra has independently designed other projects such as the European Centre for Advanced Biomedical Research in Milan on behalf of the Fondazione Cerba and the RSA – Royal Sun Alliance offices in Genoa. Since 2009 Barreca & La Varra are consultants for the Expo 2015 Masterplan.

The studio is characterized for its use of new advanced technologies of construction and its experimentation with a complex urban and architectural language that responds to the evolving traits of contemporary society and the complexity of economic, social and institutional structures that today compose cities, sites and affect the environment we live in.

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