Volume, previously known as Archis is the ideas platform and magazine title that continues Archis magazine since May 2005, when Volume #1 was launched in New York. What is special about Volume is its pushing boundaries of what could still be conceived of as an architecture magazine, both in content and format. Volume is not just a succession of Archis, it is a collaborative project of Archis (currently a think tank), AMO (the research studio of Rem Koolhaas' OMA) and C-Lab (Columbia Laboratory of Architectural Broadcasting) founded by GSAPP's Dean Mark Wigley. Besides expanding the definition of architecture Volume challenges the boundaries of the magazine towards a 'global community to voice architecture, anyway, anywhere, anytime'. By doing so, it aims to apply architectural intelligence to tasks and issues beyond building. Current editor-in-chief: Ole Bouman

Volume website

Critical articles on Volume:

Archined review

Archinect discussion

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