Alfred Matthew "Wierd Al" Yankovic studied architecture at California Polytechnic. While there he moonlighted on campus radio, securing a cult following and the friendship of Dr. Demento. So if you're studying architecture, take heart, there's still time to draw up a contingency plan... after all, Wierd Al's done alright for himself, hasn't he? And he probably never finds himslef gaggin on the terms "edge condition" or "liminal space".

Others educated as architects but smart enough to move on to something else:

Ice Cube, John Denver, Courtney Cox, M.C. Escher, Thomas Hardy, Jim Cantalupo (CEO of McDonald's, 1991-2002), Ernst Kirchner, Pierre Cardin, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Fritz Lang, Arundhati Roy, Iannis Xenakis (Greek composer, worked in Corbooboo's studio)

  • Thanks to the annonymous editor/publisher of U.B.C.'s "Ink Plot", from which this is all loosely quoted.

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